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Kevin J. Sanders
President & CEO

"Capable, precise, and always on time - everything I want in a good court reporter."
Robert D. Cohan, Esq.
Cohan, Rasnick & Myerson LLP
One State Street, Suite 1200
Boston, MA 02109

“I have been using Eyal Reporting since their inception in 1971 to date, and have found their services to be of the highest quality in addition to their being very dependable. As a litigation attorney for over forty years, I highly recommend them without any reservation. They are simply the best.”
Alvin S. Nathanson, Esq.
Nathanson & Goldberg
Two Atlantic Avenue , 5th Floor
Boston , Massachusetts 02110

“I have been a lawyer for almost 30 years. I have been using Eyal Court Reporting for slightly more than the past ten years. I have found their services to be far superior to any other service I have used. Their reporters are on time, courteous and professional. And, above all, they create very accurate transcriptions. I recommend them highly to both Massachusetts and out of state practitioners.”
Joseph H. Reinhardt, J.D.
Boston , Massachusetts

"For the last 30 years that I have been using Eyal Court Reporting their reporters have always been very accurate, professional, helpful and very pleasant."
Murray Reiser, Esq.
Reiser & Associates
4 Longfellow Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
(617) 742-1810

“Our office has appreciated the excellent service of Eyal Court Reporting ever since our firm was founded in 1998, and our partners did so for many years before that. The Eyal reporters are capable, prompt and reliable. We wish them continued success.”
David M. Crowley, Esq.
Scannell & Crowley
Five High Street, Suite 201
Medford , Massachusetts 02155

“I am very pleased to recommend the services of Eyal Court Reporting. Eyal has always been punctual, diligent and courteous in all their services. After 35 years of working with Eyal I find that their services are par excellence!”
Lazar Lowinger, J.D.
1320 Center Street, Suite 102
Newton , Massachusetts 02459

"Very fine job under difficult conditions."
Michael McHugh of Rich, May, Bilodeau & Flaherty, Boston, MA

"Were VERY accommodating; we were most pleased with them"
Kristin Davis of Davis & Scarrit, Tampa , FL

"This service was quick and easy to use; I'll definitely use them again."
Jessica Bhagan of Daniel E. Shultz, Washington, D.C.

"As always, EYAL was great."
Mary Coleman of Reminger & Reminger, Columbus, OH

"Very nice and very professional."
Jeffrey Posta of Sterns & Weinroth, Trenton, NJ

"You did a great job; I would use you again."
Mark Callahan of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Irvine, CA

"Very capable and good read back."
B. P. Reese of Reese and Reese, Rockford, IL

"Very smooth performance, demonstrating good endurance."
Michael J. Gardiner, Warwick, RI

"The best court reporting firm I have ever worked with. Just Great!"
Jack S. Ring of Jack S. Ring & Associates, Chicago, IL

Deposition Reporting

Medical Depositions
Testimony by a doctor where medical and/or pharmaceutical terms are used intermittently during the deposition.

Technical Depositions
Testimony by an engineer, architect, or another person with a similar profession where uncommon technical trade terms are used intermittently during the deposition.

Patent Depositions
Testimony by an inventor or related associate regarding the process of a product's invention where uncommon and rarely-heard trade terms are used intermittently during the deposition.

Testimony by a professor, chemist, or scientist where scientific and/or chemical trade terms are used intermittently during the deposition.

Realtime Depositions
Realtime is the simultaneous translation of the court reporter's notes into English. As the witness speaks, her/his testimony appears on your laptop instantly.

Daily Expedited / Depositions
Upon request daily testimony taken will be transcribed and delivered the same day or the next day. Expedited testimony will be delivered within three to five business days.

Videotape Depositions
Our video specialists can give you an edge on the competition with videotaped testimony, depositions, wills, pre-trial examinations, etc. Our in-house videotaping conference room is ready at a moment's notice to record your depositions. We can also set up our portable video unit in your office or anywhere you like and make a permanent record of information vital to any case. We can edit out fairly and accurately anything a judge says that a jury should not see. If you would like to speed up or increase insurance payments on a personal injury case, we can tape a day-in-the-life of your client.

Depo/Exhibit Management
We can scan and store all depositions, documents, and exhibits to be immediately available to you on easily updatable, customized, and affordable CD-ROMs, or emailed to you at any time.

You will always have the security that comes with having an additional back-up of your documents that is easy to transport, utilize and duplicate.

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